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 Energy (matter) cannot be created or destroyed - it simply changes form!

Customer Testimonials


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) -

"I have to confess to a certain amount of scepticism when this treatment was first explained to me. How on earth could ‘tapping’ on points on your face and upper body help something as physical - and in my case, as chronic - as urinary tract infections. Well ‘the proof is in the pudding’ so I tried EFT. Even after just a few sessions, there was a noticeable improvement. I have now been free of UTI for almost three months! Prior to using EFT I had been prescribed FOUR different types of antibiotics during months of misery! There is no doubt in my mind that EFT – coupled with a sensible diet and the occasional use of natural remedies – has resulted in a marked improvement in my general health! I’m SO grateful to have learned about EFT!  - Z S Pope


Reiki -

"My Golden Retriever puppy Tilly, was diagnosed with incurable elbow dysplasia before her first birthday. Her limping was getting progressively worse despite surgery and I was concerned that she was in pain. Rebecca was recommended by a friend (to whom I shall always be grateful) and after an initial consultation was confident she could help to alleviate the symptoms. Tilly has always been excitable, but Rebecca brings a calmness to her that I have never seen anyone else achieve – she is literally putty in her hands. At the end of each Reiki session, the results are instantaneous, whilst also being long lasting. Tilly moves with much less stiffness and far more fluidity after every treatment. The relief that Tilly has experience is incredible and Rebecca will always be first port of call for any of my dogs. I cannot recommend her highly enough". - S. V. Burg

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