Energies - Matter

 Energy (matter) cannot be created or destroyed - it simply changes form!

Reiki can also be very beneficial for pets - in fact animals tend to gravitate towards those giving and receiving Reiki in order to feel some of the benefits.

Whether your pet is recovering from surgery, suffers with anxiety or experiences low or high levels of energy - Reiki is a gentle and unobtrusive way to complement their health care.

Dogs and cats have been known to wander over to receive some Reiki during a session with their owner - offering their back or head for some Reiki energy and then quietly wandering off once they feel they have received enough.  Others, although the session had finished,  have nuzzled back in for more or lifted their troubled limb for a bit more Reiki healing.

Sharing Reiki with animals is an amazing experience, as they non verbally communicate just what they need.

*Reiki can be used to compliment veterinary treatment and is also a gentle way to help animals in need of palliative care.