• Rebecca Fry

Tapping Into Sleep

Often, the events that are going on around us or those challenging things that we are dealing with day in and day out, continue to buzz around in our brains when it’s time to switch off at bedtime.

If you have difficulty quietening the mind and dropping off to sleep; if you wake up in the night plagued with concerns regarding what happened during the previous day or maybe even worrying about the next day - you may wish to try this short and simple tapping exercise to help calm your mind and allow you to drift off into a very peaceful sleep.

Follow the points below (here’s a reminder of the EFT tapping points that we use):

1.KC Karate Chop point (also called the SH Side of Hand point) 2.EB Eyebrow point

3.SE Side of Eye point

4.UE Under Eye point

5.UN Under Nose point*

6.CH Chin point 7.CB Collar Bone point 8.UA Under Arm point 9.TH Top of Head point *just imagine you’re are tapping the UN point during the CV19 situation or miss it out altogether When we use the tapping points to help with sleep, it is more conducive for rest and for relaxing into sleep, if we simply press on each point - rather than the usual tapping (which can have more of an energising effect).

Taking a deep yet naturally, easy breath filling the belly (without forcing the breath) then pressing each point and holding it, will send a calming signal to the amygdala gland. This technique has been named the ‘touch and breath’ technique and was developed by Dr John Diepold PhD. U.S. based clinical psychology and energy psychology therapist.

Pressing on each EFT point and saying phrases such as “ ready to sleep now” “ ready to release now” or “ready to let go now” - will communicate to your subconscious mind, that you are ready to relax and let go of the stresses and strains of the day.

Follow the points below – starting at the KC (or SH) point – press with two or three fingers and breath in easily but deeply, saying out loud or in your mind: “even though today was challenging or tomorrow is making me feel anxious – I accept and honour myself and my feelings and I’m ready to release these thoughts now. I’m ready to sleep now".

You can change this phrase to describe what you are feeling or verbalise the things are going round in your mind – or you can just say “even though my mind is racing and I can’t sleep – I honour and accept myself and I’m ready to sleep now”.

Some people even choose to just press on the points breathe in and simply say "sleep"

We say this phrase three times to anchor it in, whilst pressing the KC (or SH) point and breathing in a naturally deep and easy breath.

We then go to each point as follows:

EB – ready to release now

SE – ready to let go and sleep UE – I’m ready to sleep now UN* – peaceful sleep is mine now CH – letting go now CB – feeling ready to sleep UA – ready to drift into sleep now TH – Letting go and ready to sleep

You can use whatever words feel right for you – even just the word “sleep’

Pressing these points in this sequence, then following that same sequence another once, twice or three times; will really begin to help you quieten the chattering or anxious mind and enable you to drift off into peaceful sleep.

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