Energies - Matter

 Energy (matter) cannot be created or destroyed - it simply changes form!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT works with your body's subtle energies in a similar way to acupuncture (but without the use of pins) and is also being described as an energy-psychology.  By clearing the emotional root cause (core aspects) of any particular condition, your body is able to reset and find it's natural equilibrium physically, mentally and emotionally - thereby freeing you from debilitating conditions.

EFT can help to alleviate conditions such as:

- Performance nerves / Fear of public speaking / Sporting performance confidence (can improve levels of confidence generally)
- Phobias

- Addictions

- High levels of stress and associated conditions such as IBS

- Anxiety and panic attacks

- Insomnia

*EFT can help to alleviate many conditions, working holistically with your body as a complementary therapy