Energies - Matter

 Energy (matter) cannot be created or destroyed - it simply changes form!


Having studied Education at Aberystwyth University (which included psychology) as part of a Joint Honours Degree almost 20 years ago.  I successfully completed my degree and decided to attend the 'University of life' by working overseas for a number of years. Whilst working abroad, I encountered more than one energy therapist and had Reiki sessions myself, which more than sparked my interest due to the astonishing results.  

Returning to the UK full time 10 years ago I decided to book onto a Reiki therapy course and completed Level 1 and 2 in 2011.  Then in 2014, I discovered EFT and undertook an EFT practitioners course - accredited by the AAMET.  I became a Reiki Master in 2018 and am currently embarking upon the next step towards becoming an EFT practitioner trainer.

Both Reiki and EFT have had a profound effect on my life, which is why I chose to become an energy therapist, in order to be able to help others with similar issues.

Plagued with anxiety, stress and associated problems throughout school and university - which in turn affected my confidence and ultimately, the ability to reach my full potential  in my 20s and well into my 30s- I finally found ways of not just coping with, but releasing the root causes of my chronic conditions though energy therapies.

Most significantly, as a singer and one who had always been crippled with stage fright, I could not believe the transformation brought about through EFT.  After only a few sessions - having uncovered the core issues which had resulted in these horrendous performance nerves and not only neutralising them, but totally turning them around - I now sing with freedom, a calm confidence and the most intense feeling of joy

If you wish to overcome any such issues - issues that you believe may be hindering you in reaching your full potential or if you wish to live a life without stress, anxiety, fear, addiction or chronic pain - then please do get in touch.